Et tu, Stegosaurus?

Stegosaurus stenops with Fallen Conifer

Stegosaurus stenops with Fallen Conifer

I’m one of those people who tend to imagine other things going on in a fairly ordinary scene. Dinosaurs, robots, surried ranks of ancient hoplites, at any given time any one of these (or a combination of all of the above) are going on in my head. Not that they take on such a dramatic air, at least not all the time. Most of the time, particularly when out bushwalking, I might see a landscape and think how it would be perfect to see a dinosaur amble past like any contemporary animal.

fallen logIn the case of the scene at right, the relative tranquility conjured up images of African forest elephants, moving almost silently through low-lying scrub, weaving their way past the trees (crazy thing about elephants, despite their size they make as much sound walking as Sam Fisher). It seemed fitting that stegosaurs could at times have lived an analogous life to forest elephants, browsing on low-lying ferns in the shade of towering conifers.

Then fall, Blogspot

Previously I used a blogspot site, but I found the formatting would have an anxiety attack when I hit publish and come out all shaky and miserable, not like in rehearsal, so at a friend’s suggestion I migrated to WordPress. The old blog will remain public for archival purposes. Being the Ides of March, I felt today was appropriate for the removal of the old tyrannical regime in favour of … well, historically what followed were years of civil war and unrest, and ‘tyrannical regime’ could hint I’m making a commentary about Google in general, so let’s just say I like the behind the scenes functionality of this site. Or it’s shinier.


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