Sprinting Gorgosaurus libratus

sprinting gorgosaurus libratusThis sketch was created using a Holbein watercolour brush with a black watercolour pencil and charcoal, with white gouache for highlights. The speckled effect is grey acrylic flicked with an old toothbrush – that is, my own, not some random’s. I added a sepia effect digitally afterwards.

gorgosaurus libratusAnother sketch I did of the same animal is based on the skeletal mount at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, drawn whilst running a friend’s market stall. The smallest of the tyrannosauridae, a family of apex predatory dinosaurs with the eponymous Tyrannosaurus at the helm, Gorgosaurus libratus was a more slight-of-build predator than its giant cousin. Still this was an animal tall enough to hypothetically rest its head reassuringly on top of a fully grown man’s before biting it off.

The work is available on Redbubble.

About Loukash

Artist & Illustrator.
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