Ion Nibiru Guardian – Textures

armour texturing

To infuse a little detail into broader areas like the wings, armour, etc., I turned to some photo reference of rust, stone and brushed metal – anything which had an interesting texture and with good contrast of dark and light areas. I brought these into Photoshop as a separate layer above the subject area, then played with the layer attributes – soft layer, luminosity, overlay, etc. The layer would then be trimmed to match whatever area was being textured.

Before and After

Above, you can see the underlying paintwork (well, pixelwork) at left, and at right with the texture overlaid in ‘Darken’ mode.

marble texture

The fine-grained texture on the eroded limestone column (if memory serves) is from a sheet of thick-toothed paper. The texture over the starscape is from a photo I took of a decommissioned WWII submarine with frayed fibreglass patching.


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