M9 Gernsback – Hind Down

Crashed Hind with Guides

Working on the middle distance at the moment. Given the snow-driven landscape, it is difficult to convey a sense of perspective and scale without a recognisable object for reference. The mech is some eight metres tall in real life (real fiction?), and in the original concept sketch it was pressed up against a ruined building, an idea that was scrapped fairly early on.

A friend suggested a crashed vehicle, to go with the smoke billowing behind the mech, so I’m trying out a crashed Hind – a Soviet-built helicopter gunship. Designed in the ’60s and first flying in 1972, it has a classic rugged and unique flying frame, and thanks to its service history looks very much at home in the tundra. Its twin bubble cockpit, drooping wings and role as a gunship/transport served as inspiration for Doug Chiang’s design of the Republic troop transports in the Star Wars prequels.


About Loukash

Artist & Illustrator.
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