Tree-hugging Mazda

Crashed Mazda

Over the weekend a black hatchback left the road and ploughed head-first into a tree. I’m guessing it occurred the night before we drove past, and it isn’t clear whether it was stolen, at any rate it was draped in police tape.

A few days later I drove by again, this time someone had smashed the driver’s side rear window, rummaged through the cabin and boot and left with doors ajar. See, even in a country like Australia, there are people who feel desperate enough to need to try and steal four dollars in change from the centre console of an abandoned vehicle.ย I can’t help but wonder if they spared a thought for the occupants of the car when it crashed (assuming the car hadn’t been stolen in the first place).

Mazda Watercolour

By this morning it was still there, so I walked down the road and setup a camping chair to capture the Mazda inย its final moment.ย I did a light sketch first, then used my water brush and a black watercolour pencil to begin laying down varying shades. Once it was dry I added some highlights with white gouache. I may go back and add some further details in pen, but for now this is what was sketched on site.


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