Digital Versatile Dinos

Dinosaur Sketches

These sketches were made while watching the BBC series Walking With Dinosaurs. Every so often I would pause the DVD to sketch a dinosaur pose that interested me. These thumbnails may help serve as reference for future works, especially with perspective and how the light falls across each animal.

Bagginssss … Internet Exploreeeerrr …

When I was little I would do a similar thing by hitting pause on the VCR in order to draw a subject – usually something like a transformer, knowing me. Of course now one can find a plethora of material on the internet, but as a kid we didn’t have the net at home, and it wasn’t until high school when I came close to it. Our school librarian however believed the internet to be the devil’s playground, so while every PC in the library had access, its use was conversely prohibited. Many students tried to secretly use the net, but like a Ringwraith and its attuned sense to Frodo donning the One Ring, our librarian knew when that little blue ‘e’ was double-clicked and would swoop in with righteous ignorance to punish the hapless student who may have unwittingly exposed themselves to a learning aide (come to think of it my analogy is slightly ironic, as I recall The Lord of the Rings books were banned at one stage).


About Loukash

Artist & Illustrator.
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2 Responses to Digital Versatile Dinos

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I wish I could sketch half as good..

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