Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family

In the time-lapse video above, staff from the Australian Museum, Sydney, assemble a skeletal cast of one of the largest specimens of Tyrannosaurus rex unearthed (it’s awe-inspiring to see just how diminutively scrawny and bite-sized an adult human is when next to prehistoric jaws of death).

Scotty the T.rex is part of Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family, a one-off exhibit opening on the 23rd November. As well as the eponymous Rex other members of the tyrannosaur family will be on display, including Daspletosaurus torosus, plus some of the smaller, feathered examples unearthed in recent years in China, such as Guanlong and Dilong.

What makes this exhibit unique in Australia is that we don’t have many examples of tyrannosaurs on display in our museums, possibly because the group hasn’t been highly represented in our fossil record (The recent reclassification of Timimus to be a tyrannosauroid changes this). Aside from a few skulls of various tyrannosaurs in some museums on the East Coast, there is a sub-adult Tarbosaurus bataar at Museum Victoria.

With any luck the presence of an actual Tyrannosaurus will stop some parents from automatically assuming the resident Giganotosaurus upstairs to be a T.rex, and therefore misinforming their offspring, but potentially not. Oh well, a nerd can dream.

Edit: I just noticed at 50 seconds into the video the word ‘Bactria’ can be seen on the wall, a remnant from the exhibit of Alexander the Great artefacts earlier in the year.

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