Dust of Marathon

black and white sketch

These are quick studies of Greek hoplites in charcoal and chalk on grey-toned paper. I was focussing more on the values of shadow and highlights than in rendering every detail.

hoplite pair

These are drawn from scenes in The Greeks: Crucible of Civilisation, which features a dramatic envisioning of the Battle of Marathon. In 490 B.C., an invading Persian army landed at the bay of Marathon in the opening stages of their assault on Athens. Taking to the field with a hastily assembled force of hoplites, outnumbered by more than two to one, the Greeks charged the Persian landing force, trounced the invaders, burned several of their ships and won the first engagement of the war with Persia.

charcoal hoplite sketch

Drawing crowds presents a certain compositional challenge, and short of hiring/bribing/blackmailing a ridiculous number of life models, using documentaries like this with well-choreographed and researched re-enactments is a simple way of getting reference for how individuals interact in the confines of hand-to-hand combat.


About Loukash

Artist & Illustrator.
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