Disoriented Ants and a Not-So Classic Car Show

earthmover sketchSometimes an offhand sketching excursion doesn’t pan out to be the relaxing, refreshing session I like to imagine it’ll be.

Feeling unwell but needing to get out, I sat down with my back against a fence post to sketch this front-end loader which was sitting next to a large pile of gravel. As I sat there, the wind picked up. A torn piece of boundary tape tied to the post kept fluttering back into my face with every gust, so after a while I took a few steps back and sat in the shade of a tree.

I was there a few minutes when I started feeling tingly. Standing up I discovered, of course, I had sat down right in the middle of an ant highway during peak hour, and the bewildered insects, finding a giant foreign body in their path, followed the new course set in by GPS that led them all over my legs and through my shorts.

Z28 front sketch

Kind of called it a day after that, but before that I had been out to a car show in Bonnells Bay. I sketched the front end of this Camaro, and another quick sketch of a Wiley’s Jeep before I burnt to a crisp out in the sun. I’m not a huge car enthusiast, but as far as vintage cars go I mostly prefer 1950s and prior.

So I’m not entirely sure why said car show had a brand new Mustang. Go figure.


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