Vigil to Fallen Hunters

photo of gorgosaurus paintingWhen I started taking photos of this framed painting, my go-to was to simply shoot it hanging in-situ on the wall. But when I started thinking about it, and realising I wasn’t going to get decent light anywhere in my unit on this overcast day, I started to experiment with my trusty desk lamp and some props.

photo of gorgosaurus paintingEventually a theme began to emerge. What started as ‘hey a cool skull’ began to reinforce more of the painting’s subject matter, given the relation of tyrannosaurs such as Gorgosaurus to modern raptors.

photo of gorgosaurus paintingThe painting I will send up to my dad in Queensland. The skull is from my housemate’s taxidermy collection. I’m not sure if it’s from an owl or something of a falcon, either of which even the empty braincase conveys the intelligence of a bird of prey.

photo of gorgosaurus painting



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