#053 – Pericles (after Cresilas)


‘…[Pericles’] successors did the exact opposite … private profit led to policies which were bad for the Athenians themselves and for their allies. Such policies, when successful, only brought credit and advantage to individuals, and when they failed, the whole war potential of the state was impaired. The reason for this was that Pericles, because of his position, his intelligence, and his known integrity, could respect the liberty of the people and at the same time hold them in check … Because [his successors] were so busy with their own personal intrigues for securing the leadership of the people … and by quarrelling among themselves began to bring confusion into the policy of the state … And in the end it was only because they had destroyed themselves by their own internal strife that finally they were forced to surrender.’

– Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War


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