Mech Sketch | Pen & Copic markers

So it may sound trite but in the words of a million bloggers, apologies for the scarcity of posts. An ever-energetic toddler, moving house and new job, plus extended commuting time has pushed my sketching to almost a fringe activity, mostly taking place on wobbly public transport. I have been pushing myself to practice however, and have recently started playing with some Copics a friend leant me.


Don’t let anyone say a girl can’t pilot a mech.

I must say, with decent sketching paper the Copics have a nice blending ability that works much better than previous attempts on A4 printer paper. I spoiled myself with a Winsor & Newton sketchbook, and find it absorbs and blends the Copic marks really well.

Aside from this I have been pushing to improve my figure drawing and facial sketches. In my satchel I carry an A4 folder with printouts of various stock photography so I always have a handy reference when stuck for a pose to draw, as well as some tracing paper so I can go back and revise older sketches.


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2 Responses to Mech Sketch | Pen & Copic markers

  1. K.L. Webber says:

    Keep up the good work 🙂

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